Carpooling and UC

Carpooling is a great way to save money on petrol and parking while also minimising your environmental footprint and easing congestion.
Let’s Carpool, a local government-supported car pooling website offering a free and secure service, makes carpooling super easy and the University of Canterbury has recently signed up to this initiative.Let's Carpool

By joining Let’s Carpool, you access the largest secure carpooling database in Christchurch. It’s easy to join and find matches with others who share a similar journey. You can also use this database for one-off journeys outside of the Christchurch and Canterbury region – even across the whole country! So whether you are looking for a regular/one off ride to university or can offer one, or whether you are thinking about going home for your study break, check out Let’s Carpool.
For rides to/from uni scroll to the bottom of the page and there is a specific link for the University of Canterbury.

June 9 – 15 is Kiwi Carpool Week: a nationwide push to get people carpooling together, so why not start your carpooling then?

For general information on the benefits of carpooling, check out this UC web site.


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