The UC 2014 Cycle Plan

Since the earthquakes, and the remediation of campus that has followed, many cyclists have noted that cycling facilities have suffered. The main concern has been the loss of various bike parking areas as the buildings tBicycle racks at Registryhey are attached to come in and out of action.
The good news is that this has been well understood by the University, and the Sustainability Office has been working on developing a new ten year Cycle Plan, to improve the experience for our cycling community and make it easier for more people to bike.

The first step has been working out how many bike stands we need, what kind we want, and where they are going to go (noting that as the remediation continues we need a lot of flexibility). In 2014 you will start seeing more cycle stands appearing. For example, there will shortly be about 100 new bike parking spaces beside the refurbished Registry building (which will also include lockers and showers). You will notice them in other spots as well.

The Cycle Plan covers more than just stands, however. It also includes indicative optimal cycling routes through campus, improved overall facilities (for example far more covered bike parking, more lockers and more showers), and a host of educational and engagement initiatives (along the lines of Dr Bike, Bike Breakfasts etc). The Plan is an indication of the direction we are heading in. There are still many uncertainties about the final layout of UC over the next few years, but this Plan is part of the mix of plans that will influence those decisions.

You can find the 2014-2022 UC Cycle Plan here.


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