Campus remediation: History building

You couldn’t have missed it but UC is currently undertaking a significant programme of remediation, fixing the buildings that have been affected by the 2010/2011 earthquakes.

Of the almost 240 buildings on campus most have sustained some degree of damage in the earthquakes and require remediation. While this is an ongoing challenge for everyone, the need for remediation has also created the opportunity to improve certain sustainability features of the older buildings on campus.

In the History building, for example, all the timber used for the door and window frames is New Zealand sourced and sustainably grown. Also, all insulation to external walls has been upgraded, improving thermal efficiency and reducing energy use. In addition, all original lighting has been replaced with more energy-efficient T5 lighting, reducing energy costs by 40-60%. Infrared presence sensors have also been installed, which detect whether someone is present and regulate energy outflow accordingly. In terms of carpets, the carpet tiles used are made by Interface: a sustainability pioneer. These carpet tiles comprise of 70% recycled materials and Interface has a progressive end-of-use recycling policy, minimising waste.

For more information on how we are working towards a sustainable campus, check here:



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