Composting Coffee Cups and Coffee Grounds

As a little heads up on what we are currently working on: We aren’t satisfied with the current situation of having to send our takeaway cups to landfill. So we have recently run a short trial with Selwyn District Council to see whether UCs coffee cups can be composted through the “HotRot unit” they already have. And wow, the trial was a success!! So we are shortly going to be running a couple of pilots around campus. Bins will be provided for empty single-use coffee cups and we will experiment with this to see how feasible it would be to roll this out more widely around campus. For this to work, it is essential that only empty coffee cups are placed in the bins, and definitely no pie wrappers are hidden inside!

Coffee Grounds

Did you know that the Sustainability Office also already works with a café on campus to take their used coffee grounds and compost them in Okeover Community Garden? We are now about to expand this as we work with the UCSA to collect their coffee grounds separately. Any coffee grounds that can’t be used in the community garden will go into the normal organics collection.

Hooray for progress (and less waste)!

20140701_142652 20140701_142911 20140701_143629


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