Jane’s Garden News – August 2014

 As you may know, UC has two community gardens on campus: Okeover (off Engineering road) and Dovedale. Every few months Jane Aistrope, UC’s community gardens coordinator, provides an update on what’s been happening in the gardens.

With the year at its coldest and darkest, the working bees have been quiet. The sun has been fairly consistently out, however, and it’s always good to be under its rays at this tiUniversity of Canterbury.me of year. We have been pruning, tidying and fixing, enjoying a nice hot cuppa as well as the winter veggies. Parsnip, yams, leeks, greens, stored pumpkin, garlic and quince jam.

We have said goodbye to study abroad students who often like to garden with us during their short stay at UC. As a new semester begins we are looking forward to meeting some new gardeners, there is plenty for you to get stuck into! Spring is just around the corner; so beds will need to be prepared by digging in green manures and we will get onto seed-raising soon as well. It is a lovely time for gardening and getting outside after hibernating.

On the horizon for the Okeover community gardens is the reconstruction of the 2 garden sheds. This may cause a slight disruption for storage and access but will make for a better use of space in the long run. InIMG_1421cluded in this plan is a new shade house. As part of this process we are clearing out stuff and some things will need rehoming. We hope to do this on Friday 8th August so if you are interested in some gardening gear keep watching for updates of what is available!

We will grow some main crops at Dovedale community garden again this year. This requires a couple of working bees to prepare and establish the beds, and there will also be a need for assistance with watering and weeding throughout the summer. Allotment beds may also be available so if you are interested in having your own plot this season, get in touch with the sustainability office.

If you would like to get involved with UCs community gardens, come along to a Garden Bee, every Friday from 1 to 4 pm (with a cuppa at 3!). For other information about the community gardens, check here. The community gardens also have a dedicated Facebook Page.

Until next time!



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