Rising Star Q & A: Hannah Howard (August 2014)

The Rising Star column profiles students who have had close contact with the UC Sustainability Office and have graduated from UC, or will graduate very soon. In this column they share what they are currently doing and what their plans are for the future.

 August’s ‘Rising Star’ is Hannah Howard, she led an Eco Us project for the Sustainability Office. 

What did you qualify in/when?

LLB/BA, in 2013Hannah H

What are you doing in your new job?/What are you most excited about?

Working for a coffee company in Wellington and aiming towards getting involved with the development of the coffee industry in NZ and abroad. I am particularly passionate about insuring that sustainable coffee farming methods are being used and that the farmers are earning what they deserve.

How has your degree prepared you to think about sustainability issues? 

Taking environmental law and international/trade law papers in particular have made me aware of the ways that the law can assist in protecting our environment and the things we value so much, like coffee!!

How has the UC Sustainability Office contributed to your experience of the UC Campus?

Working with the UC Sustainability Office allowed me to see how making little changes to how we live our lives and go about our everyday tasks can have such a positive impact on our environment. I was particularly passionate about seeing more students on bikes and the crew in the Sustainability Office backed this completely.

What was your favourite ‘sustainability moment’ on campus?

The development of the ‘Abandoned Bike Project’. This project involved the restoration of abandoned bikes around campus and selling them on to students at a price that covered the costs of the repairs.

If you could wave a wand, what would a sustainable University of Canterbury campus look like?

There would be better marked cycle lanes around the campus and on campus. Biking needs to become a lot safer! Also, an affordable bike scheme allowing students to borrow bikes would also be awesome to see.

In five or ten years’ time, what would you like to be doing?

I would like to be working to develop a business-funded social enterprise within the coffee industry, or for some other commodity or group of persons in need.

Follow these links for more information on other Eco Us projects or how to get involved with Sustainability at UC.



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