Campus Bike Stands

As the campus changes rapidly over the next few years we’ll be finding that bike stand placements will change as well. While things are a moving feast with cycle parking at the moment we want you to know that we are working away behind the scenes to introduce a fantastic new cycling environment and you should see the first significant signs of this in November. We have made a substantial purchase of new bike stands, which will all be in place in new locations during 2015.

Many of you will have noticed that earlier this year we put temporary bike parking up on the James Hight Plaza (between the Library steps and the Registry/Matariki Building). The reason for this was that although we never used to have bike parking in that area (mainly because it is primarily a pedestrian space), it was thought to be acceptable to have some stands there while the Registry/Matariki Building was closed for refurbishment. Now that Matariki has re-opened it was too dangerous to maintain a busy bike park there; so while these were really well used, they have now been taken away.

In the meantime we have developed plans to incorporate space for 160 bikes in the Matariki carpark and this will be the main bike park in the central campus area. This should be ready for use in time for summer school, something to look forward too! We have also upgraded bike parking around the Science Lawn. Watch that space, cause there are more to come there.

All these steps are in line with the Cycle Plan we released earlier this year, and is a response to what the UC community told us in the 2012 Transport Survey.

(By Matt Morris from the Sustainability Office)

For more information on UC’s cycle plan, check here.


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