Jane’s Garden News – October 2014

 As you may know, UC has two community gardens on campus: Okeover (off Engineering road) and Dovedale. Every few months Jane Aistrope, UC’s community gardens coordinator, provides an update on what’s been happening in the gardens.

Well, ‘t is the season to be busy! And that we are …Seeds have been sown for the summer crops of tomatoes, cucumber and zucchini as well as carrots, beetroot, parsnip, leek, brassicas, greens, herbs and flowers. Meanwhile we are harvesting greens, leek, parsnip, cauliflower and asparagus …. Other activities at Okeover garden include keeping the beds weeded, liquid feeding plants with worm juice and preparing beds for more sowing/planting.

Over at Dovedale things are starting to pick up for the growing season after looking quite unkempt for most of the year. With the help of Deans Rovers we were able to prepare a few beds and clear pathways. Thanks Rovers! We then held a Friday working bee to plant potatoes (Jersey Bennes for earlies and Chipewa as mains). Once the frost danger has passed (end of the month) we will sow sweet corn, YUM! The trialing of allotment style community gardening has begun with 5 gardeners taking up beds as well as the Ao Tawhiti Unlimited Discovery School. If you want to be part of the action as an experienced gardener or a complete beginner wanting to pick up some skills, be sure to join us for a Garden Bee any Friday from 1-5pm.

For other information about the community gardens, check here. The community gardens also have a dedicated Facebook Page.

Until next time!


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