Making Christchurch the best edible garden city in the world – Edible Canterbury Expo 2014

DSC_0121Late last year Edible Canterbury organised an Expo to promote  the edible garden city idea. About 1000 people turned up to learn about all the efforts going on to make Christchurch the best edible garden city in the world!UC student Laura Christensen, who worked tirelessly on this Expo, reports on this wonderful event.

The Edible Canterbury Expo was an amazing gathering of local organisations, businesses and individuals that are all working towards a food resilient future for Christchurch. Their work focuses on making food affordable and accessible in communities in the greater Christchurch region. Edible Canterbury is the umbrella for these wonderful people who believe Christchurch residents have the right to fresh, nourishing food that is grown and prepared locally in ways that are ecologically sustainable and culturally appropriate!

Kate and Laura
Kate and Laura

The expo was aimed at showcasing all the efforts of these individuals as well as launching the new Edible Canterbury Charter,  Action Plan and Food Resilience Policy. These documents have been produced in the spirit of making Christchurch into the best Edible City i10750088_693192167454579_5477094797006999270_on the world.

The day kicked off with expo style stalls from a variety of those representing a portion of Edible Canterbury and its diverse range of participants. In the afternoon our deputy mayor, Vicki Buck, launched the City Council’s Food Resilience policy and encouraged community participation in this endeavour, acknowledging that communities are the driving force which the City Council aims to empower. The day concluded with drinks and snacks celebrating the beginning steps towards a food resilient future for Christchurch.

1939630_693193624121100_1897566083155282901_o 10688264_693193724121090_8507186857132505692_oInformation about Edible Canterbury, upcoming events for the organisations involved and the Edible Canterbury Charter can be found on the Edible Canterbury Facebook page or on the website


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