Fairtrade Fortnight Tasty Talks

Preparing the tasting! Yes, the real connaisseur sniffs! Happy tasting    Our Fair Trade Fortnight Tasty Talks were a great success! Staff and students tasted three brands of fair trade instant coffee and compared this with a brand of non-fair trade instant coffee. All fair trade brands were consistently preferred over the non-fair trade brand. Given that instant coffee is widely consumed across the whole of the university, this indicates there is a decent chance of improving the volume of fair trade instant coffee purchased by UC. And the good news is that at least one brand of fair trade instant coffee (Robert Harris Aotearoa) is cheaper than the brand-of-non-fair-trade-coffee-that-shall-not-be-named. AND it is made in New Zealand!

Gemma Wadsworth won an amazing pack of Trade Aid goodies, and staff enjoyed a delightful bag full of goodies, courtesy of Office Max. A very big thanks to those who helped make this happen, including Trade Aid, Office Max and the UCSA.

For instructions on how to order Fair Trade and TradIMG_1877e Aid products, visit: http://www.sustain.canterbury.ac.nz/fairtrade/ordYummy Fair Trade prizepackIMG_1824er.shtmlTrade Aid talk


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