“Turn around your toner” campaign successful!

UC ‘s “Turn around your toner” campaign has produced some fantastic results! Since the 2011 earthquakes, many printer toners became “decoupled” (yes, like Gwyneth and Chris :-)) from the appropriate machine due to devices being shifted around. In other instances, too many toners were delivered for the same machine. This resulted in inefficient use of resources and high costs – full toners cost between $100 – $800 each! The campaign not only cleared out precious cupboard space but also promoted the responsible use of resources at UC. ITS in conjunction with Ricoh coordinated the project.  Toner 1

A staggering 96 toners were netted (55 Ricoh and 41 non Ricoh), resulting in an eye-popping savings of $8650. The Ricoh toners will be reallocated to UC printers on as-needed basis, and the non-Ricoh toners will be disposed off responsibly. Kathleen Hill, Major Accounts Manager for Ricoh was delighted – “the results were well worth the exercise and Ricoh hopes to continue this joint approach to achieve further success for both UC and Ricoh sustainability initiatives.  This has been a great win for both parties!” Mark Andrews from UC ITS said “we’d especially like to thank Catherine Woods and Dallas Geddes from Admin Plus, who supported this campaign by emailing their members to remind them to look for, and return any surplus toners.”

The ‘Turn around your toner’ campaign is not a one-off event. Administrators now have the ability to return any surplus toners on an ongoing basis which will help to avoid a repeat of surplus of toners on UC campus, ITS have set up a link in their service portal. To return a toner,

  1. Go to http://assist.canterbury.ac.nz
  2. Log in
  3. Select “Log a Request”
  4. Select IT Services
  5. Go to Print and Copy Services
  6. Select “Unused Toner Return”

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