Eco Week 2015, Tuesday 15 September: Tiny House Talk and Tour

Tiny houses tickle your fancy? This time next week, Lucie Ozanne shares her research highlights on tiny houses.

Wondering what a tiny house is? Check out the Christchurch Tiny House Community, or Living Big in a Tiny House.

Where: Psychology-Sociology 151
When: Tuesday 15, 12:10-12:40 pm
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Visit real life tiny houses built by UC students!! We will be visiting two tiny houses off campus. The tour will leave 1pm SHARP (after the Tiny House talk) from the Science Road Car Park, returning by 4pm at the latest.

One of these is the amazing little big house of Stefan Cook, check out this great wee video of his house!

Then we’ll be visiting a tiny house located on the Watford Grange Llama Farm!  How awesome is that?

Transport provided by UC. Seats available for 22 people only. To register, please email Katie Nimmo, or call 364 2025. Bring snacks, drinks, and clothes suitable for the weather, and footwear with closed toes – no jandals or sandals please.

Where: Leaving from Science Road Car Park
When: Tuesday 15 September,
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