Eco Week 2015, Wednesday 16 September, Climate Kilometre Grand Parade

Join Generation Zero this time next week in a fabulous Grand Parade to raise awareness about the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris this November. The Grand Parade will feature electric cars, crazy bikes, colourful costumes, and whatever modes of zero carbon transport you like – be creative! Bikes, skateboards, scooters and rollerblades welcome. Your Climate Kilometre will support Daniel Price, a UC Alumni who is cycling from Pole to Paris to send a global message to the world’s leaders about how governments must respond to climate change.

This is a celebration of zero carbon transport, and a chance to spread an important message. The Parade is 1km long and will commence with treats and speeches in the Undercroft!

Wednesday 16 September

12pm Grand Parade: C Block lawn to gear up. Parade starts at 12.30pm.

1pm-2pm. Action Station:  Treats and talks in the Undercroft Lounge from 1pm onwards.

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Climate Kilometer Grand Parade
Climate Kilometer Grand Parade

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