UC Bike Parking Update – October 2015

As more of you are jumping on your bikes to enjoy the spring sun and the new Christchurch cycle ways, we are continuing to upgrade the bike stand availability in the context of a changing campus, following the UC Cycle Strategy.

Plenty of space available!
Plenty of space available!

We have just installed 20 new bike stands outside Geography, with capacity for 200 bikes. Discussions are now underway about the optimal cycle provision for Engineering. Nothing will be solidly in place for a couple of years, potentially, while works in this area continue. Unfortunately, bike stand placement may continue to be a moving feast in this area for now. In particular, we are soon to lose the bike stands between the Civil/Mech wings as this area is closed off for construction. We are looking at temporary solutions close to the NZi3 Building in the meantime. If you are based around Engineering, please bear with us as we work through the various issues in the next couple of years.

Our ultimate intention is to introduce an absolute upgrade to both the numbers of bike stands available, but also other end of trip facilities such as showers and bike maintenance equipment.

By Matt Moris – Sustainability Office



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