UC’s recycling changes for 2016

UC has made some changes to its recycling system – because, unfortunately, some types of plastic and packaging are no longer being accepted by UC’s end-point recyclers. So read the stickers on the bins before you recycle! Stickers for approximately 900 bins were located and updated! IMG_2008

Some items that used to be recycled must now be put in the red landfill bins. Examples of items that must now be put in the red landfill bins include:

    • plastic lids off single use takeaway cups
    • yoghurt and cardboard pottles
    • sandwich packs
    • sushi containers
    • cardboard pottles

So sort your waste according to these new stickers and if in doubt, put your item into the red landfill bin. This will prevent recycling becoming contaminated. This is important because whole truckloads can be rejected by end-point recyclers if there is too much contamination in the bins.

This will be the new stickers you will see on the bins.





For more information on Recycling at UC check here.


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