Eco Club Network established!

The Eco Club Network is a network of various eco clubs on campus including Kakariki, DigSoc, CUTC (tramping club), Fossil Free UC, VCUC (Veg Club), GEOGSOC and more. The aim of the network is to improve coordination between UC’s many eco clubs and events, and ultimately increase the number of people taking part in eco activities. We’re also hoping to organise a couple of big events ourselves later on in the year… watch this space!

It came about for a number of reasons including (a) there is now a sustainability portfolio on the UCSA exec (held by Johnny) and (b) I noticed multiple clubs were trying to organise tree plantings for 2016… it made much more sense for one club to organise it, and invite other members along!

If you’re interested in eco events, like the Facebook page or if you’re interested in helping organise – flick the page a message for details!

– by George Moon from the Eco Network


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