UCSA and Jailbreaker: A fair trade match made in coffee heaven

You love JailBreaker_Logo_Texture_Full_NEG_RGByour coffee, we get it. But what you may not know, is that there is even more to love about Jailbreaker Coffee, UCSAs main coffee provider. This coffee is not just fairtrade, it is organic and locally roasted in Addington Coffee Co-op!

These guys, and their overarching company Liminal, are not about maximising profit but maximising impact.  So they redistribute 70% of the roastery profits towards developing a sustainable and viable livelihood for coffee producers overseas, and the remaining 30% is reinvested in the business! It’s not a matter20150715_201 of generosity, it’s about the profits of the business going back to the producers and communities to whom they really belong.

Inspired? Want to know more? John and Vernon from Jailbreaker will join us during our Fairtrade Market on the 18th of May, 12.30 – 1.30. They will share shots of cold brew Jailbreaker coffee over ice, but also highlight some of the single origins that they use and talk a little around the co-operative stories behind the coffee: a Congo bean Co-op, and a Guatemalan women’s Co-operative. Both co-operatives are doing great stuff in difficult social and political difficulties. They will also give away a Jail breaker t-shirt and a bag of coffee.

What: Fairtrade Market – free coffee samples, free fairtrade banana icecreams and fairtrade clothing labels!

When: 18th May 12.30 – 1.30

Where: Undercroft

This message was brought to you by the UC Sustainability Office. Connect with us through Facebook or Instagram.



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