A unique opportunity to share your views on travel issues – 12th July

Travel Plan folders.inddWe know that many of you are interested in transport and car parking matters at the University of Canterbury. Next week, on Tuesday 12th of July, all staff and students will be asked for their views on travelling to the University, through an online survey. This survey will only run for one day, and we strongly urge you to take a few minutes next Tuesday to complete this survey when you find it in your email inbox.

Why should I care? This is a rare opportunity to be heard on travel issues, which only comes around once every four years. This survey is vital for gauging staff and student travel patterns. This year the University is undertaking a vital transport master planning exercise, which will identify key transport needs for our community into the foreseeable future. This survey will provide key data for this planning exercise. The information gathered will help the University cater for all travel modes.

Results from the survey will also inform the City Council and Environment Canterbury on transport matters relevant to UC; for example, improving bus services to/from UC, improving cycle routes, and addressing car parking on campus and on surrounding streets.

How long will the survey run for? The survey will run for Tuesday the 12th only.

 How long does it take? The survey will take about ten minutes to complete.

The survey is organised by the University’s Transport Working Group, the Sustainability Office and Campus Services.






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