Bike parking progress

We are making progress with bringing bike parking numbers back up on campus. A plan for hundreds of new bike parks around the Engineering precinct is being developed (we will keep you posted), and we are starting to look at what the bike parking provisions for the new Science precinct will look like as well.IMG_1844 enh sq sm

We are on the verge of installing a new bike parking area outside the front entrance of Forestry. This has long been a problematic area for students especially, and the lack of bike parking has resulted in people chaining their bikes to the handrail along the ramp up to the main doors. We really encourage people to get as close to their destination with their bikes as they can… but this particular example has created a very significant health and safety issue – please don’t do this! Think first: the handrail is there for people with disabilities. We will be installing some new hardstands right next to this area, which will hopefully become a popular cycle parking area. In addition to this, we have provision for a further 150 bike parks on campus, which are now starting to get dotted around.

Keep an eye out for news about cycle route planning and other bike facilities over the next while … we’ll let you know when we have more details.

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