Looking for students to get involved with PARK(ing) day!

We are UC students Anna, Monica and Serena and we are involved   14193874_1215333541844789_2103219263_n with Gap Filler’s PARK(ing) day project.

On the 16th of September (10am – 2 pm) we will be taking over some parking spaces in the Foundry carpark at the University of Canterbury and transforming them into fun, innovative spaces for UC students to enjoy. We are keen to get the student community involved with this event, whether you create your own space or simply come along to see the spaces we create. We are doing this project through our Management course MGMT208 which involves service learning, this means that we apply theory learnt in class to carry out our practical community based project.

PARK(ing) day

PARK(ing) Day is an annual worldwide event where artists, designers and citizens transform metered parking spots into temporary public parks. We are working with the Christchurch-based community organisation Gap Filler to do this project. With PARK(ing) day Gap Filler aims to promote awareness about the way public spaces are uparking-day_conegliano_2014sed and bring the community together. Gap Filler came about after the Christchurch earthquakes with the purpose to regenerate the city and allow people in the community to have a voice.

PARK(ing) day was invented by the Rebar group in 2005 where they converted a metered parking spot into a temporary public space in San Francisco. The Rebar group sets out to imagine opportunities to redefine and re-imagine the world around us and our relationships with our fellow human beings. Our project involves participating with other organisations involved in the international (PARK)ing day event.

Getting students involved!

We are hoping that this project will get students to think about becoming involved in the community and the use of public spaces in Christchurch. We are excited to be creating a fun event for people to enjoy, whilst also raising awareness about Gap Filler and all the great work they do in the community. We are keen to get students involved with this event, through creating their own spaces at the University Campus or elsewhere in Christchurch, or by simply coming along to see the spaces we create.

If you are interested in getting involved or have some superb ideas please contact us for more information and assistance. Email us at akm98@uclive.ac.nz. 14137702_1215333195178157_536825542_n

More information

Check out the Park(ing) Day Christchurch Facebook page for more details as well as the PARK(ing) day rules and regulations. OPSOC will also be joining us in creating a fun public space for you to enjoy. We would love to see you at Park(ing) Day on Friday the 16th of September between 10am-2pm at the Foundry Carpark.


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