UC Bike Parking Update

The Sustainability Office is currently working on a plan to get 1500 additional bike parks onto campus. This needs to be done as a staged project given that many sites we want to put bike stands in are currently under construction or have hoardings around them. However, we are making progress. For example, we have recently placed an order for an additional 300 bike parks, which should be in place in the next few months. Additionally, parking for 110 bikes is currently becoming available on the north side of Engineering and the Health Centre. Last term we also welcomed back the enclosed bike parking facility on Creyke Rd (for 80 bikes), which had been unavailable for two years.

Also, you will start seeing these posters around in the secure cycle stands as an integral part of UC’s programme towards more secure cycle parking.

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UC Bike gives new life to UC’s abandoned bikes

Earlier this year, in collaboration with UC Security and the UC Sustainability Office, UC Bike repaired, recycled and sold bikes that had been abandoned on campus. “The goal was recycling bikes and putting more people in the university community on bikes rather than making money off already cash strapped students”, Zac Porter from UC Bike explained.

In total UC Security donated 18 bikes that had been left unattended for between 1 and 3 years. Using the UC Sustainability Office’s Dr Bike tools, Olly, Zac, Ben and Brad repaired as many of these as they could. “Of these 18, we managed to get 14 running and gave them all a service, recycling what we could of the bikes that were too broken. We had quite a few franken-bikes by the end!” One of the bikes had been stolen and was re-united with its original owner.

The bikes were then sold to current and past students at a fraction of what they were worth. In total, UC Bike made over $1300, which will be spent on holding events such as Mechanics Nights to further benefit the cycling community at UC. “On Mechanics Nights we teach the basics of bike maintenance, such as how to tune a derailleur, fix flat tires, adjust brakes or anything else the attendees may want to learn on the night.” The next one will be in term 2 with the date yet to be confirmed. Keep an eye out for the event notification on UC Bike’s Facebook page!

For this year all the recycled bikes have been sold but UC Bike plans to do this every year as an ongoing initiative.

This message was brought to you by the UC Sustainability Office. Connect with us through Facebook or Instagram. Or email us on sustainability@canterbury.ac.nz


Cycle Stand Update

people-vector-designed-by-stephanie2212-freepik-com: People vector designed by Stephanie2212 - Freepik.comGood news for Engineering students (and others)! It looks like the existing secure cycle stand on Creyke Road will be retained now, which means another 100 secure bike parks will be able to come back on line soon.

We received some very interesting feedback in this year’s UC Travel Survey, indicating that around 40% of cyclists prefer secure cycle stands above other kinds of bike parks. The challenge we have now is to think through the various ways that we can ensure our bike parks really are secure. For instance: Is card access the best method?

We saw a campus bike park system at the University of the Sunshine Coast recently where your student card gave you access to the secure bike parking, but ONLY if you were on a register of users. What do you think about this? We’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions. You can comment on this post, or email us on sustainability@canterbury.ac.nz.

This message was brought to you by the UC Sustainability Office. Connect with us through Facebook or Instagram. Or email us: sustainability@canterbury.ac.nz


UC Bike parking update March 2016

IMG_0674Over the last two years we have been upping cycle parking and improving the quality of cycle stands. As a result of this programme, we have now almost recovered our cycle parking capacity to pre-earthquake levels. We have also just had another order approved for more cycle stands, and these will be used mainly to support cyclists around Engineering – and particularly at a soon to be created temporary cycle park on Creyke Rd (at the main North/South entrance to Engineering).

We are starting to see some initial plans for expanded cycle parking spaces on campus as the remediation programme continues. As many of you will have seen, bike parking on campus remains a challenge, but please rest assured that we are doing everything we can to improve the current facilities – and IMG_0675aincreasing cycle parking is the first priority.

Remember, if you want to find a free bike stand in the centre of the Ilam Campus, there is lots of available parking at the Matariki building – as close to Puaka/James Hight Library as you can get.

By Matt Moris – Sustainability Office


Dr Bike is Back for 2016

Dr Bike  is back for 2016 and starts on the 2nd March! Dr Bike mechanics this year are Karl Jackson and Zac Porter. Every Wednesday from 12-1 during term time on C-block lawn they will provide free bike mechanic services including checking brakes, repairing punctures and greasing chains. The Sustainability Office sponsors this service.

We are excited that Dr Bike will be using ecofriendly bicycle lubricants, thanks to a 2 year sponsorship from Christchurch based company Biomaxa!

Dr Bike 2016


UC Bike Parking Update – October 2015

As more of you are jumping on your bikes to enjoy the spring sun and the new Christchurch cycle ways, we are continuing to upgrade the bike stand availability in the context of a changing campus, following the UC Cycle Strategy.

Plenty of space available!
Plenty of space available!

We have just installed 20 new bike stands outside Geography, with capacity for 200 bikes. Discussions are now underway about the optimal cycle provision for Engineering. Nothing will be solidly in place for a couple of years, potentially, while works in this area continue. Unfortunately, bike stand placement may continue to be a moving feast in this area for now. In particular, we are soon to lose the bike stands between the Civil/Mech wings as this area is closed off for construction. We are looking at temporary solutions close to the NZi3 Building in the meantime. If you are based around Engineering, please bear with us as we work through the various issues in the next couple of years.

Our ultimate intention is to introduce an absolute upgrade to both the numbers of bike stands available, but also other end of trip facilities such as showers and bike maintenance equipment.

By Matt Moris – Sustainability Office


Dr Bike sponsored by NZ eco brand Biomaxa!

This Wednesday, the 2nd of March 2016, Dr Bike will be back after the summer break. Every Wed from 12-1 during term time, C-block lawn. The Sustainability Office sponsors this free bike checking service and we are super excited that Dr Bike will now be using ecofriendly bicycle lubricants, thanks to a 2 year sponsorship from Christchurch based company Biomaxa! Biomaxa biolubricant

Biomaxa’s founder David Lovegrove is a UC graduate BE (Hons), who wanted to tie a lifelong interest in cycling to his “day job” as a product designer. In 2013, he was inspired to develop better performing environmentally based bicycle lubricants since the traditional lubricants in the market that were touted as being natural or environmentally based,were all derived from plant oils. It was widely known that these did not perform very well, or have longevity on the chain. Another big downside was how messy they were and how quickly the chain would attract dirt. All the high performance cycle lubricant products were heavily petrochemical based and highly synthetic.

forestThe idea to use lanolin as a bicycle chain lubricant was conceived during brainstorming sessions around developing a unique cycling product with a distinct “kiwi” story behind it. The product needed to have a natural and environmental foundation but they also wanted to create a successful export story from New Zealand by adding value to essentially a “waste product” of the wool cleaning process. Lanolin’s waxy lubricating properties and its tenacity to adhere and protect as a surface coating are perfect for the requirements for a performance chain lubricant.

The lanolin is sourced from local New Zealand wool scourers. Due to New Zealand’s “clean” outdoor farming environment the lanolin is typically a lot cleaner and needs less refining direct from the scouring plant. This is a distinct advantage over say other big lanolin producing countries (such as Australia or India) where their dusty environment produces a poorer quality lanolin.

Great work Biomaxa! And thanks for sponsoring Dr Bike, which assists between 120-150 student and staff cyclists a year. Not only is Biomaxa assisting Dr Bike, but they are also sponsoring student club UC Bike and the UCSA “borrow a bike” scheme.

On the left is Karl Jackson, on the right is Zac Porter.Dr Bike runs every Wednesday during term time (only) from 12-1pm – for assistance, bring your bike to C-block lawn and look out for the Dr Bike poster.

For more info on Biomaxa, check here.