UC Bike gives new life to UC’s abandoned bikes

Earlier this year, in collaboration with UC Security and the UC Sustainability Office, UC Bike repaired, recycled and sold bikes that had been abandoned on campus. “The goal was recycling bikes and putting more people in the university community on bikes rather than making money off already cash strapped students”, Zac Porter from UC Bike explained.

In total UC Security donated 18 bikes that had been left unattended for between 1 and 3 years. Using the UC Sustainability Office’s Dr Bike tools, Olly, Zac, Ben and Brad repaired as many of these as they could. “Of these 18, we managed to get 14 running and gave them all a service, recycling what we could of the bikes that were too broken. We had quite a few franken-bikes by the end!” One of the bikes had been stolen and was re-united with its original owner.

The bikes were then sold to current and past students at a fraction of what they were worth. In total, UC Bike made over $1300, which will be spent on holding events such as Mechanics Nights to further benefit the cycling community at UC. “On Mechanics Nights we teach the basics of bike maintenance, such as how to tune a derailleur, fix flat tires, adjust brakes or anything else the attendees may want to learn on the night.” The next one will be in term 2 with the date yet to be confirmed. Keep an eye out for the event notification on UC Bike’s Facebook page!

For this year all the recycled bikes have been sold but UC Bike plans to do this every year as an ongoing initiative.

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Eco Week 2015, Wednesday 16 September, Climate Kilometre Grand Parade

Join Generation Zero this time next week in a fabulous Grand Parade to raise awareness about the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris this November. The Grand Parade will feature electric cars, crazy bikes, colourful costumes, and whatever modes of zero carbon transport you like – be creative! Bikes, skateboards, scooters and rollerblades welcome. Your Climate Kilometre will support Daniel Price, a UC Alumni who is cycling from Pole to Paris to send a global message to the world’s leaders about how governments must respond to climate change.

This is a celebration of zero carbon transport, and a chance to spread an important message. The Parade is 1km long and will commence with treats and speeches in the Undercroft!

Wednesday 16 September

12pm Grand Parade: C Block lawn to gear up. Parade starts at 12.30pm.

1pm-2pm. Action Station:  Treats and talks in the Undercroft Lounge from 1pm onwards.

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Climate Kilometer Grand Parade
Climate Kilometer Grand Parade

More Cycle Parking across UC – April 2015

Many of you will have seen that bike stand availability is continuing to be a moving feast in 2015, just as it has over the last few years.

We are really happy with the new bike stands along the hoarding on Science Lawn, and also the major new bike parking facility behind the Matariki Building. Have you found this one yet? For people wanting to park near the James Hight/Puaka Library, this is a great option as there are well over 100 bike parks there.

New bike stands around campus
New bike stands around campus
New bike stands around campus
New bike stands around campus







We’ve received a lot of feedback that the cycle parking at Dovedale has not been adequate and we have got some new bike stands over there. Let us know if you are having trouble finding a place to park your bike and we will see what we can do to help. Email matt.morris@canterbury.ac.nz.

Oh and in case10376136_10152741986237336_2907484890138471244_n you missed it: Our fabulous Dr Bike Mechanics are back on deck! Funded by the UC Sustainability Office, they can help with basic repairs such as checking brakes, fixing punctures and oiling chains. AT NO COST TO YOU! They will be available on Wednesdays during term time only from 12-1 on C Block Lawn.

Bike Gear Giveaway

Thursday morning on October 7 was a bonny spring day, brightened even further by the ‘Hi Vis Giveaway’, where free high-visibility gear was gifted to UC pedestrians and cyclists. The Hi Vis Giveaway was initiated by Dr. Emma De Lacy, and was funded by a

Dr Emma De Lacy demonstrating the Hi Vis pack cover.
Dr Emma De Lacy demonstrating the Hi Vis pack cover.

Vice-Chancellor’s Health, Safety and Wellbeing Award. The Sustainability Office provided logistical and communications support. Items included high-visibility pack covers and spoke reflectors.

Stock was exhausted by 8:20am at one giveaway site, demonstrating the value cyclists and pedestrians place on their safety and their commitment to fossil-fuel-free, sustainable transport. If you missed out, the BikeWise shop sells a whole range of hi visibility/safety products at rock-bottom prices (e.g. pack covers cost just $8). For under $20 you can deck yourself out like a sparkling Christmas tree.

For information on cycling to uni or different transport options, check out this link.