UC Bike Parking Update

The Sustainability Office is currently working on a plan to get 1500 additional bike parks onto campus. This needs to be done as a staged project given that many sites we want to put bike stands in are currently under construction or have hoardings around them. However, we are making progress. For example, we have recently placed an order for an additional 300 bike parks, which should be in place in the next few months. Additionally, parking for 110 bikes is currently becoming available on the north side of Engineering and the Health Centre. Last term we also welcomed back the enclosed bike parking facility on Creyke Rd (for 80 bikes), which had been unavailable for two years.

Also, you will start seeing these posters around in the secure cycle stands as an integral part of UC’s programme towards more secure cycle parking.

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UC Bike gives new life to UC’s abandoned bikes

Earlier this year, in collaboration with UC Security and the UC Sustainability Office, UC Bike repaired, recycled and sold bikes that had been abandoned on campus. “The goal was recycling bikes and putting more people in the university community on bikes rather than making money off already cash strapped students”, Zac Porter from UC Bike explained.

In total UC Security donated 18 bikes that had been left unattended for between 1 and 3 years. Using the UC Sustainability Office’s Dr Bike tools, Olly, Zac, Ben and Brad repaired as many of these as they could. “Of these 18, we managed to get 14 running and gave them all a service, recycling what we could of the bikes that were too broken. We had quite a few franken-bikes by the end!” One of the bikes had been stolen and was re-united with its original owner.

The bikes were then sold to current and past students at a fraction of what they were worth. In total, UC Bike made over $1300, which will be spent on holding events such as Mechanics Nights to further benefit the cycling community at UC. “On Mechanics Nights we teach the basics of bike maintenance, such as how to tune a derailleur, fix flat tires, adjust brakes or anything else the attendees may want to learn on the night.” The next one will be in term 2 with the date yet to be confirmed. Keep an eye out for the event notification on UC Bike’s Facebook page!

For this year all the recycled bikes have been sold but UC Bike plans to do this every year as an ongoing initiative.

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Dr Bike is back for 2017!

Olly (L) and Zac (R)

Dr Bike  is back for 2017 and starts on Tuesday the 28th of February! Dr Bike is a free fix-it clinic for basic bike issues available to both staff and students, funded by the Sustainability Office. This service provides basic maintenance and repairs such as punctures repair, tuning brakes and oiling chains.

Olly Ng and Zac Porter are running Dr Bike on Tuesdays, 12-1.30 pm on C Block lawn during term time. For more information, check here.

We are excited that Dr Bike will be using eco-friendly bicycle lubricants, thanks to Christchurch-based company Biomaxa!

If you’re interested in seeing how Dr Bike fits into the bigger picture about planning for cyclists at UC, you might like to look at the draft UC Cycle Plan 2014-2022.

Welcome back to uni and keep an eye out for these guys on Tuesdays!












Bike parking progress

We are making progress with bringing bike parking numbers back up on campus. A plan for hundreds of new bike parks around the Engineering precinct is being developed (we will keep you posted), and we are starting to look at what the bike parking provisions for the new Science precinct will look like as well.IMG_1844 enh sq sm

We are on the verge of installing a new bike parking area outside the front entrance of Forestry. This has long been a problematic area for students especially, and the lack of bike parking has resulted in people chaining their bikes to the handrail along the ramp up to the main doors. We really encourage people to get as close to their destination with their bikes as they can… but this particular example has created a very significant health and safety issue – please don’t do this! Think first: the handrail is there for people with disabilities. We will be installing some new hardstands right next to this area, which will hopefully become a popular cycle parking area. In addition to this, we have provision for a further 150 bike parks on campus, which are now starting to get dotted around.

Keep an eye out for news about cycle route planning and other bike facilities over the next while … we’ll let you know when we have more details.

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Dr Bike sponsored by NZ eco brand Biomaxa!

This Wednesday, the 2nd of March 2016, Dr Bike will be back after the summer break. Every Wed from 12-1 during term time, C-block lawn. The Sustainability Office sponsors this free bike checking service and we are super excited that Dr Bike will now be using ecofriendly bicycle lubricants, thanks to a 2 year sponsorship from Christchurch based company Biomaxa! Biomaxa biolubricant

Biomaxa’s founder David Lovegrove is a UC graduate BE (Hons), who wanted to tie a lifelong interest in cycling to his “day job” as a product designer. In 2013, he was inspired to develop better performing environmentally based bicycle lubricants since the traditional lubricants in the market that were touted as being natural or environmentally based,were all derived from plant oils. It was widely known that these did not perform very well, or have longevity on the chain. Another big downside was how messy they were and how quickly the chain would attract dirt. All the high performance cycle lubricant products were heavily petrochemical based and highly synthetic.

forestThe idea to use lanolin as a bicycle chain lubricant was conceived during brainstorming sessions around developing a unique cycling product with a distinct “kiwi” story behind it. The product needed to have a natural and environmental foundation but they also wanted to create a successful export story from New Zealand by adding value to essentially a “waste product” of the wool cleaning process. Lanolin’s waxy lubricating properties and its tenacity to adhere and protect as a surface coating are perfect for the requirements for a performance chain lubricant.

The lanolin is sourced from local New Zealand wool scourers. Due to New Zealand’s “clean” outdoor farming environment the lanolin is typically a lot cleaner and needs less refining direct from the scouring plant. This is a distinct advantage over say other big lanolin producing countries (such as Australia or India) where their dusty environment produces a poorer quality lanolin.

Great work Biomaxa! And thanks for sponsoring Dr Bike, which assists between 120-150 student and staff cyclists a year. Not only is Biomaxa assisting Dr Bike, but they are also sponsoring student club UC Bike and the UCSA “borrow a bike” scheme.

On the left is Karl Jackson, on the right is Zac Porter.Dr Bike runs every Wednesday during term time (only) from 12-1pm – for assistance, bring your bike to C-block lawn and look out for the Dr Bike poster.

For more info on Biomaxa, check here.

More Cycle Parking across UC – April 2015

Many of you will have seen that bike stand availability is continuing to be a moving feast in 2015, just as it has over the last few years.

We are really happy with the new bike stands along the hoarding on Science Lawn, and also the major new bike parking facility behind the Matariki Building. Have you found this one yet? For people wanting to park near the James Hight/Puaka Library, this is a great option as there are well over 100 bike parks there.

New bike stands around campus
New bike stands around campus
New bike stands around campus
New bike stands around campus







We’ve received a lot of feedback that the cycle parking at Dovedale has not been adequate and we have got some new bike stands over there. Let us know if you are having trouble finding a place to park your bike and we will see what we can do to help. Email matt.morris@canterbury.ac.nz.

Oh and in case10376136_10152741986237336_2907484890138471244_n you missed it: Our fabulous Dr Bike Mechanics are back on deck! Funded by the UC Sustainability Office, they can help with basic repairs such as checking brakes, fixing punctures and oiling chains. AT NO COST TO YOU! They will be available on Wednesdays during term time only from 12-1 on C Block Lawn.

Eco Club Profile: Generation Zero (October 2014)

The Eco Club Q & A profiles a campus-based student club that has an environmental and/or social interest. In this profile they explain what they are about and what projects they are involved in.                      1403044_735489019799098_1175685806_o

This time we talk to Rosalee Jenkin fron Gen Zero, which is both a UC Club as well as a national organisation.

BxaCyJlCcAAWBlJ.jpg largeWho are you?
Rosalee Jenkin, I am the volunteer co-ordinator at Gen Zero. I studied fine arts and psychology at UC from 2008-2012. I am now working for UC CEISMIC as a digital content analyst.

Some quick facts about your club: When was Gen Zero founded and how many members do you have?

Generation Zero was formed in 2011 by a small group of young New Zealanders who attended the Copenhagen Climate Negotiations. The Christchurch group didn’t get off the ground until mid-last year however, just before the local body elections. We formed a UC club as well, as most of us were studying here and it seemed like a good way to get things happening on campus! Nationwide we have over 10,000 members and 500 active volunteers.

In a few words, what is the focus of your club?

Education and advocacy on solutions to free New Zealand from fossil fuel dependence, in order to mitigate the effects of climate change.


Gen Zero and Climate Voter

Can you give an example of the projects Gen Zero has been involved in?  

We ran a local body elections campaign last year, interviewing all council and mayoral candidates on their attitudes and policies relating to climate change, and provided this information online to help the public make informed decisions about who vote for.

In June of this year we ran a ClimateVote summit, which saw around 70 attendees come together for a weekend of speakers, workshops, learning and planning about how to get climate change on the agenda for the national election. We then played a large part in the collaborative Climate Voter initiative, which had 62,000 New Zealanders pledge to vote with climate change in mind.

Locally, we’ve contributed in a large way to the District Plan Review, writing a comprehensive submission and gathering a large amount of public support for this.

How do students have an opportunity to participate in sustainability issues through Gen Zero?

Gen Zero in action
Eco Week 2014: Gen Zero during the Eco Club Mash-up

There are loads of opportunities to get involved at a local level given we are in the process of rebuilding our city! We will be campaigning for better public and active transport facilities, increased urban density, and energy-efficient buildings. All of these things are important for reducing our carbon footprint.

So for futcliamte summit (3)ure members: Who should join Gen Zero?

Anyone who wants to see New Zealand make smart decisions in the face of climate change, and is excited about the opportunities we have in Christchurch to re-build a low-carbon, liveable city!

 Famous last words?

Climate change is the biggest challenge of our time, and as young people we are the inheritors of humanity’s response. We believe that moving beyond fossil fuels and creating a safer and healthier New Zealand is 100% possible. Join the movement!

For more information on Gen Zero, see here: or join their  FB page (Generation Zero Christchurch).

Also, if you are interested in learning more about Climate Change, check out this upcoming Abrupt Climate Change NZ Speaking Tour by internationally renowned climate scientist Dr. Guy McPherson (Wednesday 29 October, C3 Lecture Theatre, University of Canterbury @ 7.30 pm). Dr. McPherson peaks out about the latest findings of the scientific community on climate change.