UC Bicycle Users Group: UCBUG

Hello and welcome to our Bicycle Users Group: UC BUG!

The purpose of a Bicycle Users Group at UC is to provide a space for cycle support and cycling advocacy for our university community, both on and off campus.

As a member of UC BUG, you can have your say about cycling related issues on campus, as well as becoming involved in events, workshops and campaigns throughout the year. It’s also an awesome way to meet other riders, have your voice heard, and learn about the best routes in the city!

We are investigating running a Bike Buddy scheme on campus to tackle cycle safety issues, so keep your eyes out for more details.

We’ll be posting upcoming events and key dates for your diary on here, as well as straight to your inbox if you wish to sign up to our BUG mailing list.

We would like to hold termly meetings with the members of UC BUG, to raise any issues, and to discuss upcoming events and opportunities to get involved on campus.

Sign up here, to stay in the loop with all things cycling on campus!